Become the agricultural partner of MyKiri, increase the growth of your plantation with our in-vitro plants produced with high technology!

With our healthy in vitro plants which have varietal identity, harvest can be done in 5-10 years (depending on climatic and growing conditions) and can bring a significantly higher gross margin than in the case of conventional plants. In a nutshell, this is the economic logic of commercial timber production and the future input timber and climate policy!


Kiri (Paulownia), the fastest growing tree in the world, can be significantly more cost-effective than conventional cultivated tree species even in temperate zones, as at MyKiri we have developed our own Kiri varieties and selections that are very well adapted to different climatic conditions.

Agricultural partnership

As a management partner, you can benefit from our nearly 20 years of experience, our calculation, management and cultivation counselling, and our timber repurchase guarantee. Our specialists will accompany the development of your plantation and provide you with useful advice on cultivation technology. The value obtained is our common interest, as your purchasing integrator, your plantation is important to us in terms of quantity, time and quality!

Write your own success story with us!

In addition to the rapid growth of MyKiri plants, it is a thriving market for light and easy-to-process timber. Whether it's about making furniture, sports and musical instruments, caravans, boats or toys, or creating laminated wood panels - the demand for sustainable wood-based materials is greater than ever before!

Your partner for success is MyKiri

Since 2005, we have been cultivating our own Kiri species exclusively for ourselves. However, as an exciting novelty, we will open our doors to the 2021 cultivation season and now offer a long-term farming partnership to a limited number of farmers and other interested parties. From now on, it will be easier for you to start commercial logging, benefit from the outstanding timber yield and take advantage of the particularly straight growth properties of our Kiri species!

As a plantation operator and logger, we have 20 years of experience in cultivating certain types of wood and we have the best relationships within many purchasing industries. We are happy to share these commercial benefits with you within the framework of the Management Partnership. In addition to selling young plants, we can also provide you with a wide range of advice on selecting the site, cultivation techniques and care. After the harvest, we will sell or buy the produced timber at the best price for you!

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