MyKiri selections are the fastest growing species in the world, and providing ideal conditions to them, they grow more than 4-5 meters in a year, they can be cut in a fraction of the production time experienced in forest production!

The micropropagation laboratory and acclimatization technology of MyKiri guarantee that your plants have received the care they need to be productive in every way! During the micropropagation process, the plants are micro-propagated by cuttings under sterile conditions using special media, and then the selected individuals are grown to be perfect through a careful acclimatization procedure providing artificial lighting, climate and nutrient replenishment to them. We do not use any genetic technology during production, we further develop traditional biological, agricultural and breeding technologies for successful and sustainable seedling production!

The finished plants are packed in special, air-conditioned boxes specifically designed for this purpose, so they can withstand even longer road transport processes without any problems! A transport vehicle can deliver up to 40 - 50 thousand plants to you at the same time!

Our services for establishing a plantation

Every MyKiri plantation project is unique and planned! Each area has different characteristic features, so we plan your new plantation with due diligence!
Our complex service which guarantees the success of your plantation:

  • area survey, GPS-based planning, installation
  • design of soil preparation and nutrient testing, nutrient replenishment planning, implementation
  • design and construction of an automatic irrigation system
  • performing agricultural and other maintenance work
  • purchase and selling timber produced by you

Our "Mi Kiri" wood

The economy of the wood is largely determined by the quality of the product and the origin of the wood offered. MyKiri aims to bring out the best qualities of the wood in a sustainable and economical way. This is achieved by using only healthy, uniform propagation material which has varietal identity using careful site selection and sustainable production methods. Using appropriate, supported agricultural technics, the end product is a uniform, first-class and lump-free industrial timber.
The market of the Kiri wood is growing year by year, and at MyKiri we work closely with domestic and international wood processing companies. This will allow us to quickly consider new market tendencies and to best adapt our cultivation measures to them.

Business and healthy environment

In addition to business efficiency, it is extremely important for MyKiri to reduce the environmental pressure and the environmental efficiency of the work we do! Our plantations reduce the pressure on the forests of the world and with their productivity, they reduce the destruction of our natural forests! The great advantage of plantation-type trees over traditional agricultural technologies is that deep-rooted species do not endanger the nutrient content of the topsoil. The soil surface of the plantations can be suitable for the simultaneous utilization of leguminous or other forage crops at the same time, for keeping animals, the closed plantations provide a fantastic microclimate for their farm animals both in extreme heat and cold! Animals and herbaceous plant communities simultaneously provide the desired nutrient content and soil consistency for their plants.

One hectare of MyKiri plantation absorbs approximately 35-50 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere for a long time!

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